Inspired by the growing popularity of the light and elegant Provence style rosé, Sander Horsthuis, founder of The V-Rosé, challenged one of Spain's best winemakers to create a rosé that would surprise the world. Elegant and pure style in a great way. Many consumer blind tastings were organized in combination with the well-known rosé brands.
There was one rosé that was chosen over the others. Why? Because this was simply one they liked most! You will find this version in the V-Rosé bottle. That's how we do it, every year, together with you and FOR YOU!
We believe it's all about the taste, your taste. Sure V-Rosé is dry, full of red fruit and has won awards. But better read the independent reviews of other wine lovers or try it yourself.


Everybody knows it, Spain produces the best quality wines in the world and they are so modest about it. We are going to change that, this modesty we mean. Our V-Rosé is made in Valencia. It is a beauty this city, with an endless experience of old and new.
Historically, the bat is the protector of the rice fields in Valencia. For the Valencians, rice is paella! The bat is therefore an icon that symbolizes happiness and prosperity. You will find the image of the bat in the logo of the Valencia football club and in the ornaments of historic buildings. With pride, our V-Rosé carries the “V” of Valencia in the shape of a bat.


The V-Rosé bodega was organic before the word existed and the Bobal grape has been around since the Romans. So nothing new here. What is new? How can you produce such a ridiculously tasty rosé from just one grape? This is due to the knowledge, creativity and craftsmanship of today's modern winemakers; wine nerds. Our winemaker Gonzalo Medina is such a nerd and a sympathetic one too. Lucky for us but even more so for you! We hope you will love this rosé!